Charleston Chiropractors

The team at Pro Active Health & Wellness, LLC offers the best Charleston chiropractors to help you feel great–TODAY! For service from Charleston chiropractors who care for your health and well-being the natural way, visit us today.

Our Charleston chiropractors specialize in sports chiropractic techniques, such as myofascial work, which focuses on muscles attached to bones affecting the joints. Our Charleston chiropractors offer myofascial release, a unique, highly effective technique providing relief from muscle tension and imbalance. This technique is utilized together with the chiropractic adjustment to restore the body’s balance and alignment.

Our Charleston chiropractors do not fit you into an  “assembly line” style of service. Our Charleston chiropractors do not hurry patients in and out of outpatient care. Assessment time and treatment by our Charleston chiropractors  is  not rushed. Instead, our Charleston chiropractors  assure that you receive full-service, reliable, thorough care.

At Pro Active Health & Wellness, Charleston chiropractors treat patients in a holistic fashion–not just focusing on spinal care.This includes alignment of the extremities and alleviation of knee, hip, and back pain. Our Charleston chiropractors  also specialize in providing patients with custom orthotics, which are shoe inserts that are tailored to a patient’s unique needs. Orthotics can help with foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, and even back pain.

The patient age range that our Charleston chiropractors treat spans infancy to age 92. Our Charleston chiropractors also incorporate massage therapy in their treatment plans for their patients. An additional service we offer is clinical nutrition, a service beyond what many Charleston chiropractors offer. Clinical nutrition helps patients discover primary nutritional needs and lose weight. The Charleston chiropractors at Pro Active Health & Wellness provide what you need for your overall health and well-being.