Our Philosophy

Far too often today those faced with health concerns are only given a choice between a host of prescriptions that are aimed at chasing their symptoms. Many are told that the side-effects from the drugs are just something that they will ultimately have to live with. If those prescriptions do not work, the patient often sees another specialist that chases the same symptoms with more drugs and more side effects. Does this lead the body to a state of wellness?

The answer is obvious

ProActive Health And Wellness offers Charleston residents a unique alternative for their healthcare needs. With an emphasis placed on preventative healthcare, a holistic approach is adopted in order to address the individual needs of each patient. In essence, this clinical setting allows the patient to empower themselves- healing themselves from the inside out with chiropractic care and the nutrition that the body needs. Corrective spinal manipulation alleviates nerve interference and allows the nervous system to function properly while correct supplementation and dietary changes heal the internal environment from the inside out. At ProActive Health and Wellness, Dr. Partridge has combined several versatile therapies for the benefit of his patients. These therapies include gentle and effective chiropractic care, neuromuscular massage therapy, myofascial release (release of the fascia and connective tissue surrounding tight muscles), rehabilitative strengthening, and nutritional/lifestyle counseling. Preventative (Pro-Active) health and wellness is emphasized over reactive health care- keeping in mind that many pathological processes can be prevented in their early stages.