Dr Partridge specializes in thorough treatments with an emphasis placed upon soft tissue elasticity and flexibility as well as spinal alignment. With a background in sports chiropractic technique, many soft tissue techniques are utilized including myofascial release. Chiropractic techniques utilized include diversified, Thompson, and activator methods. Dr Partridge is also proficient in extremity adjusting (correcting alignment problems in shoulders, elbows, wrists/hands, knees, and ankles/feet).
Our clinic has three experienced licensed massage therapists on staff that specialize in a wide variety of techniques including deep tissue therapy and neuromuscular therapy. Neuromuscular therapy is form of deep tissue massage that focuses on releasing peripheral nerve entrapment(pressure on nerves in the shoulders, arms, and legs) that is caused by tight muscles and fascia.
Myofascial release is a sports chiropractic technique that is used to alleviate areas of “chronic muscle tension and imbalance.” It is an “active therapy” with the patient actively moving a muscle/muscle group while the doctor manually focuses on releasing fibrous adhesions and trigger points in the muscle tissue(while guiding the patient’s movement). This is an extremely effective therapy for restoring normal muscle and joint biomechanics and is widely used in the realm of sports performance and rehabilitation.
Ultrasound and electrode therapy are adjunctive therapies that are often used during the acute(pain) phase of care and for post injury rehabilitation. These therapies focus on healing at the cellular level and can accelerate the recovery period after an injury/exacerbation. While utilizing these modalities, the doctor prescribes a treatment protocol for the patient to achieve specific goals.
Dr Partridge is trained in clinical nutrition and helps patients find where their nutritional deficiencies lie. He has helped many patients with weight loss and with achieving optimal nutritional health. Our clinic recommends Standard Process brand whole food organic supplements. Nutrition is an extremely important aspect of wellness and is often neglected in western allopathic medicine.